Tuesday, December 22, 2009


RESULTS! Success!! FUN!!!

A good running day - cloudy & chilly but no rain & the wind did let up. The runners were happy to participate in this 1st Annual event - we raised over $50 for the Nanaimo food bank as well as a bunch of canned goods. Thanks to S
heila for her lovely gift bags for the marathon finishers, to Anne Heyes & Neil Gallagher for all their help & a shout out to Nanaimo Running Room for the draw prizes!

Marathon Results

Anne Heyes - DNF

Neil Gallagher - DNF (35 m 6 km)
Sheila Dawe - 5:05
Rick Cooney- 4:15
Peter Wong - 5:28
Thanks to all f
or coming out & making this a nice festival & friendly day! Hope to see you next year for Nanaimo's ONLY marathon!!

Rick Cooney - smiling @ the fabulous finish line festivities!! (note engraved medal, very classy)

Peter Wong & Sheila Dawe @ the finish line!

Congrats to all participants!

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  1. Thank you Angela for oranizing an event such as this. Imagine, Nanaimo's first and only marathon!
    I am sure that we can all attest to the efforts you (and your helpers) put into this race. I really appreciated the snacks you provided for us in between laps, the first-aid treatment for my blistered foot, and for the hot chocolate and blanket at the end of the run. I must say that the finisher's medal is by far the most meaningful in my collection. This race had wonderful overtones of grass-roots!

    I look forward to the 2010 edition of the run.

    p.s. thanks for cheering us on Beatrice!