Wednesday, December 22, 2010

2nd Annual Solstice Marathon results!

As a runner, I know that each race I run has its own character & story for me. My story differs from the runner trying to qualify for Boston. And each time I run an event, it holds a different story for me. Yesterday I found out that an event as a whole can have its own story.
Last year we had 3 full finishers, one a man who wanted to run a private marathon to celebrate his 4oth birthday, we also had a bevvy of runners who came out for 6 km & made it a wonderful social event.
This year that we had 4 competitors who have run against each other often & were delighted for the chance to do so again. It was a perfect day for a run, though it did get a tinge windy toward the end. We had 2 people complete the half & 4 full finishers, a smattering of different distances. And, we had chili!
We again gathered several bags of food & over $50, this year for the 7-10 club. I must say that I find hosting this event very satisfying - a small personal event that benefits a local charity & stops the Christmas madness, giving people a chance to be outside & away, even if for a few minutes. Remembering community, celebrating nature, saying goodbye to the old year - all in a beautiful setting & with vegan chili!! (I know, again with the chili!)
Alrighty - enough of that & on to the results!

2nd Annual Solstice Marathon Results

Overall winner & new course record holder -
Bradley Holmes - 3:39:23
Jim Morton - 4:13:17
Rob McWilliam - 4:25
James Griffin - 4:26

1/2 marathon winner -
Jenna Greenhill - 2:28 * Jenna is our only streaker so far, having run the 1/2 both years!
2nd place finisher -
Deidre Glaros - 2:47

1st place runner - Bradley Holmes with 2nd place finisher Jim Morton

race bling!

Although this is still a small event, we could not do it without the help of some wonderful volunteers & community sponsors! So a big shout out to the following for all their help!

The Running Room & Mike Thibodeau - for the prizes & power bars & bibs

Dr. Joe Foglia @ Island Optimal - for post race A.R.T. (Active Release Therapy)

Neil & Beatrix Gallagher - for that mighty tasty chili!

To all our aid station volunteers - DJ, Catherine, Alan, Bev, Dr. Joe, Kristy & Laurie (& Darwin)

We hope to see you next year @ the 3rd annual Winter Solstice Marathon!! Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A reminder


Wanna run but not a full - so come on down - bring the kids & join in the festivities. Breathe some fresh air as we celebrate this short day & these holiday times

1 -6 km loop!
2 - 16km distance!
3 - 22 km distance! (as close to a 1/2 as we can get without you stopping somewhere on the other side of the lake!)
4 - 26km distance!
5 - 36 km distance!
& of course the ORIGINAL 42.2 km distance!

So bring a couple of cans - something for the aid station if you want & come on down for a fun winter run

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Running the loop

Well co-race director Dawe & I ran the 6.1km loop today (as we did on Sunday). There is snow on the mountain and mud on the trail, mist on the lake and a nip in the air. It was a wonderful run but just a few reminders - as we countdown to Dec 21st!

This is a low key - self serve marathon - we will have an aid station with some bare bones food - but plan on bringing your own hydration pack. The aid station is @ the 6.1 km mark, & then every 10 km after.

Plan on bringing your own timing device, as we can not guarantee accurate timing.

Again - the trail is a multi-use trail, which will be open to the public. Auto traffic is not an issue, but dogs & people are allowed on the trail.

Looking forward to Tuesday - bring $5 & some canned goods & let's have some fun!

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Here is the list of confirmed runners of the full so far!!

See you all before 9am to register!

Brad Holmes
Beverley Newbould
Rob McWilliam
Richard Stewart
Angela Frye
Sheila Dawe

9 days!

Winter Solstice is upon us!

As we hustle & bustle to do our holiday errands, don't forget the wonderful break in the chaos offered by the

2nd annual Westwood Lake Winter Solstice Marathon

And if you have not been able to train as much as you like you can run 6km, or 10 km, or 22 km (our half). Come on out next Tuesday - December 21st - race starts @ 9am - but come early to register.
Cost is only $5 (cash only) & a couple of canned goods.
This is a small scale, low key, good time kinda event because we like to run, we like Westwood lake, we like to give, we need a break.....


If you would like to volunteer - please let me know - we could use the help for sure! Stay an hour or til the cows come home (ok, honestly, I think I am playing the part of the cows this year - expecting a really really really slow under trained for marathon but you can look @ it this way, you are pretty much guaranteed NOT to be last!! Actually @ this point in time, I can guarantee you a top 10 finishing position if you run the full!!)

Contact me @

Looking forward to seeing you there to run or walk or cheer!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Marathon Blues?

Feeling disappointed with your fall marathon results? Feeling great after your fall marathon? Don't wanna "waste" all that training??

Well, kiddies, now you don't have to with the

2nd Annual Winter
Solstice Marathon!

You have 11 weeks - ok well something like that coz I always seem to count wrong - BUT the point is you have gobs of time to gently start up then add to your training or what the heck - bump up your training - but what fun to run a marathon in winter around & around & around a lake with no pressure to qualify for anything.....

See below for more info or contact me

Angela Frye

put - Solstice Marathon - in your subject line
thanks & hope to see you out there!

Volunteers are needed too!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Back to School!

Mark this day on your calendar
Tuesday, December 21, 2010
9am @ Westwood Lake, Nanaimo, B.C. Canada

2nd annual Solstice Marathon!!

1 multi- use aid station - last year we had hot cocoa, I'm just sayin'

cheap cheap entry - $5 & some canned goods - goes to local food bank & covers cost of aforementioned aid station (see the thing is, you run around in circles, over & over again, so the 1 aid station works!)

Prizes & Medals & Snax - oh my!

The route will be similar (if not exactly the same) as last year - 2 6.1 laps around the lake, including that big ol cliff like hill! Whoo Whoo! & 3 out & backs to the 5 km marker!

Other shorter distances will be available - TBA

But come on out for fun & food & sharing & winter caring


contact me:
Angela Frye

hope to see you there

Monday, June 21, 2010

6 months!!!

Happy Summer Solstice!! The longest day of the year - a very good time to start thinking about the shortest day of the year when you just know you are gonna wanna run a marathon around a lake! Only 6 months to the 2nd Annual Winter Solstice Marathon!