Thursday, October 24, 2013

Dazed & Confused

Somewhere in the wide wide world of web, my blog, this lil ol marathon has reach some international running cartel.  I have had interest from 4 Australians & 12 Kenyans.  I say - you all should come - BUT - please know these things about the Westwood Lake Winter Solstice Marathon -
1 - There is no marathon committee - well, there is, but it is a committee of me. And really, I seldom refer to myself as "the committee".
2 - There is no prize money.  Any proceeds & all canned goods go to the local food bank.
3 - There are home made medals & home made chili & local made swag & good cheer & donated baking.
4 - This is a small, serve yourself kinda event - one aid station which you pas over & over & over again - that's all.  
Really, did I say it is low key?
Please come, by all means, but if you are serious, then know this is a teeny little thing on a relatively small island in a relatively small town.
Kenyans? Really? Wow.

Friday, October 18, 2013


Registration IS open!!
Just print up the form below & mail it in to me!
We are excited you are coming!
And if you are 2 Kenyan runners currently in Malaysia, please, yes, come on over!
From Australia? Come on over!

link to the form!!

2013 Entry Form pdf

link to the form!!

Hope to see you all on the Sosltice!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Post Thanksgiving Marathon Blues

Ok, well actually not me.  I had a swell fun Thanksgiving marathon - Victoria was BEAUTIFUL - there were maniacs & wild life - & James from CeeVacs was there & we hugged in Oak Bay (I know, how lucky am I?)  In fact it was a day that made me remember why I love running marathons - a glorious day.
So in honor of that - I thought I better oughta post the 2 entries I have received so far this year - hopefully I will keep up on it - & remember campers - it's never too early to sign up - ok - it is - but NOW it is not too early to sign up - so SIGN UP wouldcha already??