Wednesday, December 22, 2010

2nd Annual Solstice Marathon results!

As a runner, I know that each race I run has its own character & story for me. My story differs from the runner trying to qualify for Boston. And each time I run an event, it holds a different story for me. Yesterday I found out that an event as a whole can have its own story.
Last year we had 3 full finishers, one a man who wanted to run a private marathon to celebrate his 4oth birthday, we also had a bevvy of runners who came out for 6 km & made it a wonderful social event.
This year that we had 4 competitors who have run against each other often & were delighted for the chance to do so again. It was a perfect day for a run, though it did get a tinge windy toward the end. We had 2 people complete the half & 4 full finishers, a smattering of different distances. And, we had chili!
We again gathered several bags of food & over $50, this year for the 7-10 club. I must say that I find hosting this event very satisfying - a small personal event that benefits a local charity & stops the Christmas madness, giving people a chance to be outside & away, even if for a few minutes. Remembering community, celebrating nature, saying goodbye to the old year - all in a beautiful setting & with vegan chili!! (I know, again with the chili!)
Alrighty - enough of that & on to the results!

2nd Annual Solstice Marathon Results

Overall winner & new course record holder -
Bradley Holmes - 3:39:23
Jim Morton - 4:13:17
Rob McWilliam - 4:25
James Griffin - 4:26

1/2 marathon winner -
Jenna Greenhill - 2:28 * Jenna is our only streaker so far, having run the 1/2 both years!
2nd place finisher -
Deidre Glaros - 2:47

1st place runner - Bradley Holmes with 2nd place finisher Jim Morton

race bling!

Although this is still a small event, we could not do it without the help of some wonderful volunteers & community sponsors! So a big shout out to the following for all their help!

The Running Room & Mike Thibodeau - for the prizes & power bars & bibs

Dr. Joe Foglia @ Island Optimal - for post race A.R.T. (Active Release Therapy)

Neil & Beatrix Gallagher - for that mighty tasty chili!

To all our aid station volunteers - DJ, Catherine, Alan, Bev, Dr. Joe, Kristy & Laurie (& Darwin)

We hope to see you next year @ the 3rd annual Winter Solstice Marathon!! Happy Holidays!


  1. Thank you for the adventure ! It was great to run with the warriors from past races ! To make new friends, great course,food{the vegan chili] I will definitely return if possible.Merry Chistmas and Happy Holidays
    Cheers Brad Holmes

  2. Congratulations to Brad Holmes ("The Champ") and all of this year's participants for your hard work and passion to complete your respective distances on a brisk Winter Solstice in Beautiful BC!!
    It was a pleasure to be a part of the event, and I can't wait to help out to make the 3rd annual bigger in 2011!!
    Joe (Dr. Foglia)