Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ang squared

had a facebook conversation with Angellos Glaros, owner of Glaros Studios,
the other day - here is an after the fact, loosely remembered summary

ng F(me): Hey Ang, I saw your medals for the beer mile, they looked great. Wanna make some for the Solstice Marathon? We can't pay you.
Ang G: Maybe. I wouldn't want to spend too long on it though.
Ang F: No, you could do something quick, with scraps, whatever, last year we had paper flowers, the year before I sewed little pillows, so it doesn't have to be fancy or anything. I just thought it would be kinda cool.
Ang G: I have an idea, I'll be right back. Ok, they're done, wanna see them...

Ok, time may be compressed a little but not much! Ang got all inspired & BADA BING! We have medals this year made by Angellos Glaros & they are REALLY COOL!! And I will not show them until I want to, which will probably be when you cross the finish line. Then after the finishers get their bling, I will post a pic. I think I will not even show co-director Dawe, who is running this year, so she will have a surprise.
But even more exciting is that we have for the first time - 1/2 finisher medals!! How cool is that!! So come on out - run a full 42.2 km - or our special 1/2 (22km) - enjoy some friendly support & vegan chilli & last year I made vegan power truffles - no, they are really good!
Also - I suppose it is time to start putting the word out there that any
are welcome!!
If you want to -
man the aid station for an hour
bring some baked goods or left over halloween candy
come & cheer
offer another running related service
why we would appreciate it greatly
just contact me!

Angela - beasknee@gmail.com
See you the 21st!

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