Monday, January 16, 2012


Way too early to start thinking about it all BUT next year's 4th annual Solstice Marathon will be on Dec 21, 2012!!(the end of the Mayan calendar)  We are thinking of following the good folks in Texas & hosting the day after the end of the world marathon on the 22nd of Dec.  What say ye?  Anyone up for a double?  Hmmm - maniacs?  If the world ends on the 21 - a great way to spend the last day is running a marathon.  If the world still exists on the 22nd - well hell yeah - who wouldn't want to mark that occasion with a marathon??  Is it the end of the world as we know it? Do we feel fine???  Let's find out shall we?? Details to come - but the Dec 21 race will be pretty similar to the other 3 but will most likely cost more (not like lots more but some more) (pancakes are not free people!)  So tell your friends & mark all the calendars -
Dec 21
9am start
8:30 registration
Westwood Lake
Nanaimo BC

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