Friday, September 20, 2013

Entry form for 5th annual marathon

Holy smackle! I know I told you I'd have this by late summer but that didn't happen and now, ok let's say its still late summer coz people are asking. No one ever cared before November so I'm all choked up.

So here is the link to the paper entry:

Print this up. Fill this out. Send me $$ and entry and you're in. No refunds though. Don't get all stressy about caps and deadlines I'm pretty west coast when you get down to it. That means I won't be strict like. But be polite and don't be last minute.
I will post your name when I receive your entry.

All proceeds go to local food bank.
More info to come when it does. Thanks for your interest. 
Hey did I tell you I got an email from Australia? I know, right! Aussies running my little marathon. 
How cool is that?

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