Thursday, October 24, 2013

Dazed & Confused

Somewhere in the wide wide world of web, my blog, this lil ol marathon has reach some international running cartel.  I have had interest from 4 Australians & 12 Kenyans.  I say - you all should come - BUT - please know these things about the Westwood Lake Winter Solstice Marathon -
1 - There is no marathon committee - well, there is, but it is a committee of me. And really, I seldom refer to myself as "the committee".
2 - There is no prize money.  Any proceeds & all canned goods go to the local food bank.
3 - There are home made medals & home made chili & local made swag & good cheer & donated baking.
4 - This is a small, serve yourself kinda event - one aid station which you pas over & over & over again - that's all.  
Really, did I say it is low key?
Please come, by all means, but if you are serious, then know this is a teeny little thing on a relatively small island in a relatively small town.
Kenyans? Really? Wow.


  1. Dag. Wish the boy and I could be there to hand out Gatorade!

  2. We can provide, for a person of your standing, our deluxe guest room with bathroom facilities should you decide to attend.