Friday, December 20, 2013


So - as far as I'm concerned - the race is on! We had ice last year & it was a go. I have yet to go up and look around but will be doing so after I take the banana bread out of the oven. My policy last year was if you get there, I will be there - so unless it gets way worse (knock wood) I will be there & come on out if you can. I hear the mains are fine & the sides are being plowed. And Northerners don't laugh - this is a lot for us to deal with! I have received forms from almost everyone on the list - Blogger is flaking out on me - but here's the who's who of number 5!! Full James G - early Belinda K - early Suzanne L Dennis S John E Edward D Doug C - early Dylan O Janet Green 1/2 Catherine M John B - early Andrea B - e Danna H Deon H Johanne J Jessica K Glenn G Lisa d Kim R Ben M Kelly S Colleen v Anne H - e Samantha D Scott S Shawn F Malinta T Jim T Gary P Jeralyn P Jessica I Drew K Stefan K Peter G - e Tina H Suzanne V - ???? 10 km Stephanie H Larry D Jan D Matt K The start finish is at the main entrance of Westwood Lake park - off Jinglepot road & Westwood road - turn left just after the pub & go up up up the hill. The aid station will have water & a sports drink, some chips, pancakes, chili, a few bars & chocolates, whatever cookies people bring to share & a blanket or 2. My phone number is on the back of you bib - so if you can bring a cell, then all the better. I will try to post again with more info about the course but I'm guessing it's snowy in patches, muddy in patches and could be icy, depending on the weather. Use caution!. It will be marked & should be easy to navigate. This is not a Boston Qualifier - so no need for speed out there! Ok - any questions?? Best to contact me directly at See you Solstice! Angela

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  1. Angela,

    Johanne is not running so there is a free 1/2 marathon spot.