Friday, December 20, 2013

Friday Night Update

So anyways I was walkin around the late today & it was beautiful - like a postcard - big flakes falling - just lovely The roads today we wet, not anything else. As I said in the last post - unless it all changes over night - the race is a go I will be ther around 7-7:15am for early birds. It was, as I said, snowy in parts, not snowy in other parts... you know - it's winter. Decide for yourselves - because - be safe - I don't have far to go to get there Bring warmies Bring that change of clothes Bring good cheer - this is an elective thing - I'm not making you do it - I am not the boss of you. So - let's welcome this very short day with a run of good cheer & there will be chili for those who can make it! SLURP!

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