Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Results - the 5th Annual Westwod Lake Winter Solstice Marathon

Hooray!! We did it! Another successful run Now my computer & blogger are still not friends so this will likely be a mess - but I am going to post the result(ish) of the 5th annual (it will be as one long run on sentence even though it is not typed in that fashion - Thank you to all who came out for this Our wonderful community businesses who donated stuff A Wee Cupcakery Anne Heyes @ The Running Room Gabriel's Cafe Old City Organics & Crystal Hansen for the beautiful SWAG!! & my wonderful volunteers Alan Medcalf (the pancake guy) Neil Gallagher (the chili guy) Beatrix Gallagher (the pizza girl) Dale Luxford Vicki Luxford Sheila Dawe 10 km results Matthew Kusminski 44:58 Drew Kusminski 46:40 Stefan Kusminski 51 Larry Del Misto 1:01 Jan Del Misto 1:13 Stephanie Human 1:13 John Browne & Andrea Biener both ended at the 12 k with 1:25 not Jeralyn Pickering walked in @ 1:12 1/2 marathon results - in no particular order Danna Hadden 2:51 Deon Human 2:23 Jessica Kirby 2:19 Lisa deLusignan 2:29 Ben Marrs 2:29 Kelly Schellenberg 2:29 Colleen van der Heide 2:25 Anne Heyes 2:36 Samantha Dickinson 1:56 Scott Speakman 2:40 Malinta Tait 2:18 Jesse Tait 2:18 Gary Pickering 2:00 Jessica Irving 2:34 Peter Gardner 3:37 Tina Hein 2:19 Belinda Kissach ran 32km in 4:24 Doug Calder ran 22 km in 2:45 Full marathon results - in no particualr order James Griffin 5:13 Suzanne LeBlanc 4:24 Dennis Straussfogel 4:24 Edward Dostaler 4:29 Dylan Olsen 4:55 I apologize for this taking so long to post - bad internet, bad flu thing, all the usual excuses. I thank you all so much for coming out again & making this such a wonderful event - we raised $500.25 for Loaves & Fishes here in Nanaimo plus a trunk load of foods. That's pretty cool, I think. Until next year! Keep on running!

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