Thursday, December 4, 2014

Entries to date SIGN UP NOW updated

Most up to date! Dec. 19!!!!!!  CLOSED!!! FULL!! Dare I say, "no room at the inn"?

Hello runners! Please follow us on Facebook as I post way more often there. We are getting real close to the Solstice so please please oh please sign up! NO spots open for runners to run a run! Treats and chili await you. Sweet swag and a teeny bit of bling! This year I've had to get insurance so the price is $25 but come on that's not too bad. Everything extra goes right to Loaves n Fishes food bank.   So sign up soon don't make me worry now. SIGN UP NOW!!!  OOPS too late. Missed it. Come watch and cheer instead.

James Wilson
Belinda Kissack!
John Bulmer
Lisa Large!
Marty O'Brien
Liz Ross
Jeremy Klegg
Sheila Dawe!
Dylan Olsen
Mylisa Evans
Sheron Chrysler!
Alexandria Wilson
Charlotte Wilson
Brenda Niziol
Jessica Kirby
Lisa de Lusignan!
Megan Lewis-Schneider
Teresa Lewis-Schneider
Colleen Vanderheide!
James Griffin!
Ben Mars!
Victoria Lynn Major
Ernesto Davalos
Carolyn Sharp
Michelle Peters!
Darcie Nolan!
Pete Langelo
Catrin Jones
Dale Spencer
Claire Spencer
Janet Germann
Catherine Macey
Tara Janes
Tracy Arden
Maria Gomez
Andrea Thomson
Lauren Walker
Anne Heyes!
Megan Larsen
Danielle Welch
Nicole Strong
Kaleena Young
!- means not only am I excited to see you, I'm excited to see you for an early start!
Please email with questions
If in town- drop off cheque or money order to
Angela Frye
368 Milton St
Nanaimo BC V9R 2K7 Canada
Or etransfer is cool.
But tell me what distance please.
But if you do make sure I get a form too!!

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