Saturday, December 6, 2014

FAQs 4u

This is an old post I posted in the past. It still holds true. Please remember this is a small event. Think about carrying a cell phone as there will be no aid stations on the dark side of the lake. One aid /water station, which you will pass every 10 km and you must say hey to us. 
The full course  2 complete laps around Westwood lake then 3 out and backs to a marked 5km tree. The 1/2 is the 2 complete laps and 1 out and back. This year's surprise growth race, the 10 km is one out and back to the tree. Because of the number of 10kmers I am contemplating changing the direction the rest of you runners start and approach the hill. I'll let you know. Maybe. Ok 

All along the course there are kilometer markers.They are permanent and will only mock you as you progress because they mark the distance of 1 lap & well, ha! That's not you.  However they will become a friendly place marker along the way & give you ample time to work on your marathon math skills.
Westwood Lake is a public park and you will be running on a public, open trail.  This trail will be shared with walkers & other runners, dogs, & kids on bikes.  Please be courteous. Leave no garbage behind, make yourself known as you pass, don't startle that older woman out for her morning walk please & respect the beauty of our little lake.  Thank you.
If you are planning on doing an early start, please let me know.  There is a 7:30 am option, & you are welcome to take it, BUT let me know coz if I don't have to be there at 7:30 am - then cool.  Also - a headlamp is advised for the first lap if you take the 7:30 start time.  Regular.start time 9 am.  Any other questions or concerns?? Email me 

See you soon!!!
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