Wednesday, December 21, 2011


That is about all I can say right now as I am pooped!  It was a beautiful day, a beautiful course, a lot of great people - great food - & my living room is full of food waiting to go to the food bank tomorrow.  After I have had my scotch,  I will post what I laughing call the times & results, which may or may not be correct & are in no way precise - oh wait,  you weren't using this as a Boston Qualifier were you?
I will post pics etc asap - promise - hopefully tonight or tomorrow - but I should feed my kid more than just the yummy snacks @ the water station & try to get a handle on all the dishes - then...
thanks to all for making this a great year - it really was fun & the reason I do it - good people enjoying a nice run, giving to community, improving their health & vegan chili!  Ok - winter - we're ready - bring it!! (just teasing, we loved today just fine, you don't have to be all el nino-y or anything)
More later - again thanks & oh WAIT - I can not even begin to thank Alan Medcalf & Beatrix Gallagher - my crack team of volunteers -enough.  Without them, no pancakes or chili would have been served & the  water station would have been a pile of boxes instead of a lovely camp out - SO THANK YOU!!! Happy Solstice (even if it is technically tomorrow as some very kind passers by pointed out) - look I mean well, ok???

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