Thursday, December 22, 2011

RESULTS! Good times & pancakes & vegan chili

So I pretty much just fell down after yesterday & slept & watched old Dick van Dyke episodes with my daughter.  I tried to count the money but was too mushy brained, I tried to sort the food stuffs but was too pooped, I tried to figure out the times but what a mess.  This morning though as we turn the corner back towards spring (through a long January & February mind you) everything seems a little easier.  Pretty sure Dick van Dyke helped too.
So - today Beatrix & I will be taking $206.13 to Loaves & Fishes down on Farquar St, along with a living room full of canned goods. Thanks to all the runners who donated so generously & Julie Goodman for collecting $60 through VIU - not bad for a small young race at Christmas time.
So what is messy about the times is the splits - I knew it would be - I knew that when a flock of runners (gaggle? murder? pride?) came in at once it would be tricky to keep track & it was.  I will work on that for next year - I suspect the key lies in volunteers....
What I do know is
That guy in the middle in the picture above - that's Mike Macey - he runs with the Cowichan Valley Athletic Assoc. and he was 1st in the marathon.  He ran it in 4:05.  I think he had an early start so he could run his marathon & then be done with it and finish his Xmas shopping!
The gentleman in the yellow running vest is James Griffin.  Watch out for him!  He seems mild mannered and polite but he was here last year & is a rebel rouser!  He invited all the C-Vacs & then went to be the 2nd place male finisher in the full @ 4:30.
The woman with the 442 bib is Susan Marshall and what is cool about Susan is she decided on the spot to upgrade to a 1/2 from a 12k.  I don't mean at the start, I mean mid race!  SO she did an unexpected 1/2, finishing it in 2:53.  Impressive.
The rest of the C-Vacs were crazy & loud & know they will not be asked back!!! Or they were actually a wonderful bunch of enthusiastic runners who made the event a lot of fun and have promised to come next year with a bigger group. Thanks C-Vacs!!
Ok - so here is my biggest confusion & cluster eff.  I think - & ladies if you read this & can correct me - please please do - but I think - that Tracy Marshall, VEGAN runner (& maniac) ran it in 4:18, & Jenny Taylor ran it in 4:24.  My confusion?  Well their numbers are consecutive - NO WAIT - & Tracy had an early start.  So they were not running together & would come in & have their bibs covered (no I am NOT blaming them) Ok - look it was my first time keeping times so I did the best I could & please correct me if you know otherwise!

Tracy shakes hands with James at finish line
Stacy Wallington - local boy who has been injured -  ran the 1/2 in 1:51. Well alrighty then.  Congrats to Stacy, who also won a gift certificate from Old City Organics - lucky!

The ginger lady laughing above was first in the 1/2 marathon women - Julie Goodman, who uncharacteristically stopped to chat between laps while her husband Brad Goodman ate chips.  She finished in 2:08.  Hooray Julie!  And thanks to you & Brad for all the gifties from Natural Edge Fitness & Nutrition.

All in all I would say it was a highly successful day - beautiful weather & really good pancakes....
Chief KP officer & head volunteer Alan Medcalf organizes the picnic area, finish line nosh up!  Yum!
Marathon Maniacs Sheila Dawe (co director Dawe) & Richard Stewart (race director of the Moose Marathon in Prince George in September) at the finish line
Thanks to all the volunteers (pictured above) (need to work on getting a few more) & all the runners!
See you all next year.  Hopefully on the day that is actually the shortest day - oh whatever.

(timed results to be posted soon)

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