Wednesday, December 14, 2011

One Week!!!!

Wowee - so much activity (I know it is all relative, but last year I had 2 1/2ers so..) Ok ok - dear Angellos Glaros @ Glaros Studios can not go on like this. When he volunteered to make medals it was because we thought we would have a few fullers & a few 1/2ers - SO THIS CRAZINESS has got to stop!!!  No wait, don't get me wrong, I am delighted to have so many new entrants come & run around beautiful Westwood Lake & celebrate the winter solstice with us - but I have to have a registration deadline of tomorrow - Friday, Dec. 15 - so Ang can spend the weekend slaving over a hot studio (it's sorta like Bikram medals) & then have done with it - coz if you scroll down to the Holy Facebook entry you will notice that not only is Mr. Glaros a maker of medals, he is also running the 1/2 (he is not the president of hair club for men - FYI) - So send me an email by tomorrow if you want to run this - please & thank you!
So also why I am here I should mention that besides the fabulous Running Room  & Glaros Studios ( the man is a machine), I have gift certificates from Natural Edge Fitness & Nutrition & Old City Organics .  Modest yes but still!  I can now say local businesses are supporting this event & you can win a prize!
Finally - if you have questions about the course or anything please scroll down to past posts but also email me - it's ok -  All to say - 1 week to go!!  Come run - come cheer - come with baking to share - come to chat - really, Westwood Lake is a beautiful place

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