Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sorry for the late updates
Busy - as are we all this time of year (ok ok all the times of year)
So NEXT WEEK I will decide how much the reg fees are going up - no worries - not lots,
not like the big ol fancy schmancy marathons but then we don't have the support teams or merch or aid stations or general costs of the big boys.

If you are planning to sign up remember these things -

It is a multi-lap run around a well groomed trail.
It is open to the public so dogs & kids & their bikes & peeps will be there.
It is up to you to bring a hydration pack & fuel as the meagerly stocked aid station is once every 6 or 10 km (depending on which lap you are on).
There is one washroom - next to the aid staion.
There are people with 1st aid who are running as well, but when you are on the back side of the lake, you might be on your own for a km or 2.
It is a 6.1km loop.

We want you to come & have a good ol time & try some tasty vegan chili & regular ol pancakes after.
There will be medals!
New this year - there will be a cap! (Details next week, but I'm keeping it small folks)
There might be 2 marathons - I'm planning the 2nd but if the world ends, I reserve to right to cancel it.
So - mark your calendars
Dec. 21 9am
Dec 22 - 9am
(1/2 available as well)
Email me
Angela - beasknee@gmail.com
Make sure you put Westwood Lake Marathon in title so I don't delete your spammy self.

Thanks & until next week - stock up on your end of the world supplies!

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