Friday, November 30, 2012

Early Start! Math talk!

Please notice changes -  -1 Full spot left on 21, 1 Full spot left on 22nd -anyone? anyone? testing testing is this thing on??

We only have 2 spots left - 1 on the 21st, 1 on the 22nd - so hurray up y'all!
 Also - I have had some requests for early start - here's the deal!
7:30 am - early start - any event - any day

*come before 7:30 to fill out forms & pay registration fees (PLEASE EXACT CHANGE)(I can do math at that early in the morning but I may not wanna) (of course you can always donate MORE than $15 as a gesture of goodwill....) 
* Bring a headlamp for that 1st lap - it is wooded & may be dark
* So my acme method of accounting for laps was developed by runners who know what it means to do math after a few kms (this is a very math-centric post) SO - when you come to the aid table - make sure you give your patent pending lap tag to myself or one of the volunteers (here's hoping!)- this is particularly important when early start & multi-distance is involved.
* Also please remember this is a low key event so have hydration & nutrition & be prepared.

Warm clothes for after are always a plus!  

If you like to share Xmas baking, then do so!

Bring canned goods - see link to most needed list on last post! 

You know tomorrow is the 1st of December, right??? YOU do the MATH!! (see how I did that??)

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