Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Yeah - but not really that big - but the MEDIUM DAY! pulls less weight. So..
Believe me when I say I have thought about this a lot.  Here's what I thunk.
I want to keep this a small, homegrown event - SO
Bring your own hydration - there is still only the 1 aid station with some treats & water & first aid.
There will be some people who have 1st aid out on the course but when you are on the other side of the 6.2 km lake, you may be alone.
So again - SMALL EVENT
I have to put a cap on it this year.  Last year the event grew & became a bit overwhelming for my small troop of minions & myself - SO
Each day will have 25 runners total.
10 full marathoners
15 1/2 marathoners
When you are signing up - please specify which distance & which date you will be running.  You can run both dates- but hurry!

 This year I have had to raise the cost of the entry fees to cover supplies & insurance etc.
I do not get paid - I made this event up & I volunteer - so don't get all "rage against the man" about this, coz dude, I ain't no man & I will be there all day, both days, stirring your tasty vegan finish line chili & giving you cheers.
And all the money & canned goods we collect goes to the local food bank!
Dec 21 - 
1/2 marathon - $15
full marathon - $15
Dec 22 - 
1/2 marathon - $15
full marathon - $15
ok ok wait now 1/2ers - before you get all uppity again & like - how come I have to pay the same as those fullers?  Here's why & it isn't just so I don't have to put on my cypherin hat - you may run less but you eat a lot & there's more of you - so it all equals out & if that doesn't cut it - then it's because I say so.  It all goes to the food bank - around the holidays - COME ON - quit whining!!
But if really & truly this represents a hardship for you -please contact me & we can arrange something.  
Or if you are feeling generous - you can kick in a bit more coz really it all goes to a good cause & the world may either end the next day or just be starting all over again - SO 

To register
Please email me- Angela @ beasknee@gmail.com 

Include your full name, which distance & date & WESTWOOD LAKE MARATHON in the subject line.
If you think you already registered but don't see your name below or there's a question mark by it, it's because you did not tell me the day you plan to run - or did not give me a full name -  or I made a mistake

Friday, Dec 21- End of the World
1/2 -CLOSED!!
1.Rachel Kimler
2.Darcie Davidson
3.Jessica Krippendorf Kirby
4.Tracy McKeown
5.Susan Miller
6.Breanna Curnow
7.Scott Speakman
8.Sandra Clark
9.Sheron Chrysler
10.Anne Heyes-early start
11.Colleen van der Heide
12.Wendy Williams
13.Gene Wray
14.Susan Marshall
15.Wendy Marshall
1.Peggy Sherwood
2.James Griffin
3.Quentin Proud
4.George Clark
5. Stacy Wallington
6.Sheila Dawe
7.Mylisa Edison
8.Bob Wall
9.Tami Beales
Saturday, Dec 22-Whole New World
1.Katy Wallington
2.Jessica Reed
3.Sheron Chrysler
4.David Vanderlinde
5.Kelly Schellenberg
6.Lisa de Lusignan
7.Catherine Macey
8.Andrea Thomson
9.James Griffin
10.Danna Hadden
11.Susan Marshall
12.John W. Berger
13.Kim Rodger
14.Damian Allen
15.Glenn Goodwin
Full - FULL!
1.Mylisa Edison
2.Peggy Sherwood
3.Rob McWilliam
4. Scott Speakman
5.George Clark
6.Stacy Wallington
7.Sheila Dawe
8.Adam McConnell
9.Julien Menard
10.Janet Green

You pay when you get to Westwood Lake (exact change please)(cash only) - you will out a form - so come earlier than 9am.  If there is demand, I will probably have an early start again this year - let me know.  And the caps MAY be flexible BUT there is no guarantee you will get swag if you are over the limit.
NO T-SHIRTS (I have too many, so no shirt for you, but I will write on your own t-shirt if you want!)

Please let me know if you are interested & see you for the end of the world!
***The CEE VACS are coming! The CEE VACS are coming!***
Update!!  I have added all the registrants I have so far to the list - going like hotcakes!  Please contact me if I made an error (highly likely I did)
Also we are always accepting treats for the aid station - things to share, baked goods, chips, grapes, soda, left over Halloween candy - it's all good!  Also looking for volunteers & prize donations!  If you have a small business that would like to donate a prize or service, please contact me
Angela - beasknee@gmail.com
And just to clarify, the full is 2 laps(6.1 km) around Westwood lake, hill 1st, followed by 3 out & backs to a marked 5km tree.  The 1/2 is a 22 km route consisting of the 2 laps around the lake (6.1km, hill 1st) followed by 1 lap to a marked 5km tree & back.  Also it is a public, groomed trail. So dogs & kids & walkers & bikes are all allowed to be there.  There is one pretty decent hill that you will run twice.


  1. If there is any way I can support you, Saturday, please let me know. Unfortunately, I have to work on the last day of the world, very unfair, so I can't make it. I think everyone should be given that day off, as this would be the day I would like to be involved in the race, and other hedonistic events. However, I can't think of a better way of spending the first day of the world than by helping out, up at the lake. :) (this is Deirdre, in case this post sounds all random and stuff).

  2. Please email me & I can tell you what I need for support - as I would love your help, if you are not gonna run
    Thanks Deirdre