Monday, December 17, 2012

A plea for....

Please be patient & remember that this is a small time affair and the race director & the race director's daughter have both been fighting a flu, in a northern BC town, in the middle of a snowfall warning & it's snowed in Nanaimo. So when you come on Friday & Saturday (if there is one), come expecting a low key, friendly event without a lot of fan fare or hoopla -  the 1st year the medals were hand sewn quilty things (just saying) Trying to get it all together from a distance is not as easy as all that, then to get hit by a bad ol bug, THEN to be inundated with more snow than I have seen in 13 years - well... patience is all I ask. Thank you & it's coming up sooooooOOOOOOoooooon!

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