Thursday, December 20, 2012

Here's what I'm gonna do

So - got back into Nanaimo last night - through BC blizzards, the scary Kokahalla,  torrential Vancouver downpour & choppy ferry crossing - to sloppy sloppy Vancouver Island.
I just ran the route - I was gonna post pictures of each kilometre to let you all know the conditions but then I just figured ....
There is no good kilometre. As my friend Richard would say - it's cookie dough out there.  While it did not seem dangerous per se it is sloppy & wet, slippy bits on some down hills, snowy patches. But I also so a few runners & a couple of walkers SO...
The race is a go.
If you want to come, I will be here.  I am an enabler.
I did not wear yak trax or spikes or cleats or anything & was fine - but there is patchy, sometimes ankle deep, slushy snow through out the course.  It was not frozen.
km 1 - The hill - If you run from the start line (mucky) through the parking lot (fine) then watching out for Deirdre's pole, you will go on the cookie dough path up the cookie dough hill & you will do this again the next time around.  I walked a lot of it.   It is not frozen but sloppy.  There are roots & rocks & things that you can not see. Use caution on the downhill.
km 2 - Sloppy & ankle deep but trod upon in the open areas - I would think it will be even more worn by tomorrow.
km 3 - The flat back area - patchy snow - some fallen branches
km 4 - the same
km 5 - some muddy bits too
km 6 - in the end I cut across the parking lot once I got to the final clearing approaching the aid table.  Use your best judgement.

Early start is at 7:30 am - I'll be there around 7 to sign you in.  BRING HEADLAMPS - 1st lap will be darker.  Please bring exact change. ($15) Regular start @ 9am - again come early to sign up.  Bathrooms are open - there is water available there as well to fill packs.
Plan accordingly - it is mucky out there - you might want to bring your cleats or cramp ons - - but exercize caution - it was never a super easy course, now it has snow & slush - so.
If you have a cell phone - bring it.  Handy for the back side. I will give you my number if you ask.

SAFETY FIRST!!!  Remember - if the world does end tomorrow, then your time does not matter.  If the world does NOT end, then your time still doesn't matter coz this ain't no Boston Qualifier!
See you tomorrow!!

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