Saturday, December 22, 2012

Whole New World but it's still raining!

Our first (& last) Double is officially over!
Congrats to all the finishers of all the events !
Congrats to those who braved the rainy rain mcrain rain 
& ran at all!
And huge thanks all around for 2 days o running fun!!

Now to post today's results!  First though let me say it was CRAZY! And if you know this event you know it was coz of those pesky pesky CeeVacs! (Thank goodness for them all!)  We at Westwood Lake Marathon LOVE us some CeeVacs!
So here are the results - I am amazed at my new timing system mostly coz it worked! I added names & numbers to each tag so when a flock (gaggle? murder? is it only birds?) of runners comes in then I could keep track - last year, not so much!  So huzzah!  And since there was an advertised early start, then a medium start which the CeeVacs bullied me into, then a late starting CeeVac,then the advertised regular start, then poor Julien who was late from Gold River, well..but SUCCESS was mine!!

Full - listed by time!
#1 - George Clark!!!  Winner of the marathon at 4:06.  Winner of the Double!!  And just a swell guy with a swell family - thanks so much Clark family!!
#2 - Julien Menard -4:13-  all the way from Gold River - started 30 minutes late, finished 2nd time wise!!  His first marathon!! (Not sure he knows there are easier ones to choose as a first one!)
#3 - Jason Bowman - 4:19 - ok - so Jason & his entire extended family joined us under the tent for chili - another great supportive family - hooray!  But how weird is this - of the 2 days worth of entrants (less than 50 after all) & organizers, 4 people had been in NYC for the non marathon this year - WOW! Right? Jason, George, Sheila & myself.  Oh wait, results, right...
#4 - Mylisa Edison - 5:39 - HUZZAH!  Our girl Mylisa runs the double using rice as fuel ala Scott Jurek!  But the other cool thing is she smiled the whole time (my people tell me she smiled on the other side too, not just when she saw me!)

Now I must mention that I had 2 DNFers, Sheila Dawe & Stacy Wallington.  Running this marathon, around this lake trail, in these conditions isn't really all that easy & these runners had both done that very thing YESTERDAY, only the conditions were way worse.    But today was also a cold wet slog - so I personally think they are amazing & I am proud that they listened to their bodies & did what they needed to do.  So thanks & congrats!

Half - listed by time!
#1 - Damien Allen - 1:36
#2 - Katy Wallington - 2:09
#3 - Sheron Chrysler - 2:10 (she came 5 minutes after all the other CeeVacs & still smoked them.  Uh oh!)
#4 - David Vanderlinde - 2:12
#5 - Lisa de Lusignan - 2:23
#6 -James Griffin- 2:23(the rebel rouser!)(he just ran a quad in November - that's 4 in 4 days!)
#7 - Catherine Macey - 2:26
#8 - Kelly Schellenberg - 2:28
#9 - Glenn Goodwin - 2:32
#10 - Kim Rodger - 2:36
#11 - Andrea Thomson - 2:36
#12 - Danna Hadden - 3:25

And of course, a big gianormous thank you to all the volunteers!
Alan Medcalf - indespensible chef de pancake
Deirde Glaros
Angellos Glaros
Catherine Campbell
Neil Gallagher - chili master
Beatrix Gallagher
Dale Luxford
Dr Jess Reed & her whole cookie baking family
The Running Room
Anne Heyes
The Wee Cupcakery
Crystal Hanson - designer & creator of this year's coveted gear!

As for next year, well I can not tell you all how much I love hosting this event.  My own personal future is a little topsy turvy at the moment but I do hope to be able to continue with our little marathon.  I meet really cool people, get to help people challenge themselves & all the while raising money & food for the food bank - what is not to love.  Thank you all!  

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