Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The End!

I have had several requests (3 actually) that came after an event was filled - so I put them on a waiting list & have made my decision.  With the addition of these last 3 runners, all events are officially CLOSED!!  Last 3 runners, I give no guarantee that you will get a medal or secret gear, but I will try. So this is it, this is the end, my friends.

All events are now officially CLOSED!!

Friday, Dec 21- End of the World
1/2 -CLOSED!!
1.Rachel Kimler
2.Darcie Davidson
3.Jessica Krippendorf Kirby
4.Tracy McKeown
5.Susan Miller
6.Breanna Curnow
7.Scott Speakman
8.Sandra Clark
9.Sheron Chrysler
10.Anne Heyes-early start
11.Colleen van der Heide
12.Wendy Williams
13.Gene Wray
14.Susan Marshall
15.Wendy Marshall
16. Charlie Western
17. Jenny Taylor
Full -CLOSED!!
1.Peggy Sherwood
2.James Griffin - early start
3.Quentin Proud
4.George Clark
5. Stacy Wallington
6.Sheila Dawe - early start
7.Mylisa Edison - early start
8.Bob Wall
Saturday, Dec 22-Whole New World
1.Katy Wallington
2.Glenn Goodwin
3.Sheron Chrysler
4.David Vanderlinde
5.Kelly Schellenberg
6.Lisa de Lusignan
7.Catherine Macey
8.Andrea Thomson
9.James Griffin
10.Danna Hadden
11.Susan Marshall
12.John W. Berger
13.Kim Rodger
14.Damian Allen

Full - FULL!
1.Mylisa Edison - early start
2.Peggy Sherwood
3.Rob McWilliam
4. Scott Speakman
5.George Clark
6.Stacy Wallington
7.Sheila Dawe - early start
8.Adam McConnell
9.Julien Menard
10.Janet Green
11.Jason Bowman

Please show up to the 1st parking lot of Westwood Lake early, to sign your registration form, pay (exact change please!! $15), pee & all that stuff.  There are no timing chips, this is NOT a Boston Qualifier, there will be pancakes @ the finish.
If you are planning an early start - please let me know & bring a headlamp for that 1st lap.
Bring your own hydration & nutrition - although we have some, this is a small event - please look after yourself!
email me if you have questions - Angela @ beasknee@gmail.com
bring canned goods! bring warm clothes for after! bring baked goods to share!  Let's end the world in style!

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