Friday, December 21, 2012

We're still standing!!


The world may not have ended and we experienced not asteroid showers nor 999 degree temperatures, but we did have wind, sleet, snow, rain - mud, ice, no tears.  Well done steadfast runners!  You truly ran out the end of the world!
It's rainy & mucky up there at Westwood but I'll be there tomorrow with vegan chili & cocoa & pancakes - so come on up!  Please let me know if you know you aren't coming.  And although I have no right  - if you wanted to pay anyway - you surely can - email for my snail mail

So today's times are loosey goosey & as follows!
FULL MARATHON (There's only 5 so you can figure the order out - I listed them by bib number)
3.Quentin Proud - DNF or 2:07 for 22km - went back to help his partner - squee!
4. George Clark - 3:36 - smoking under crappy conditions & recovering from food poisoning! And coming back for more tomorrow!
5. Stacy Wallington - 4:27 - working through some cramps & shining through! Back tomorrow for more!
6. Sheila Dawe - 6:00 - hot off Birch Bay & a maniac for tomorrow too!!
7. Mylilsa Edison - 5:22 - a marathon a month this lady has been running!  And another tomorrow!!
8. Bob Wall - 4:01 - whose finishing words were "That was fun!"  And gracious Bob shared much insight on the trails today - an ultra guy! And promised to send pictures as I took NONE - (fail!)

1/2 MARATHON (listed by time)
2:16 - Susan Miller
2:20 - Scott Speakman (coming back for roound 2, but amping it to a full!)
2:22 - Breanna Curnow
2:30 - Tracy McKeown
2:30 - Jessica Krippendorf Kirby
2:49 - Wendy Williams
2:49 - Colleen van der Heide (19k)
3:07 - Sandra Clark
3:09 - Susan Marshall
3:09 - Wendy Marshall

Thank you to all the great runners who make this worth while!  Thanks to our small but dedicated team of volunteers & donors - 
Alan Medcalf
Neil Gallagher
Beatrix Gallagher
Sheila Dawe
Catherine Campbell
Angellos Glaros
Dale Luxford 
The Running Room
A Wee Cupcakery

And thanks to those who stopped by, did not run, but paid anyway - it all goes to a good cause - even better when I don't have to go out of pocket!

See you all tomorrow!!  Come rain or come meteor!

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